Why do we need logistics?
.hat Is Logistics?
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Entry Level Freight Sales Agents
         Needed Now
Our national freight sales office has
several entry level freight
sales/broker agents positions
available today.

If you have not completed a freight
broker school and you want the
knowledge to compete in the freight
industry enroll in our step by step
training program today. You will be
assigned training modules and
after completing these  module you
will be able to:

Search Lead Database (Supplied)
Make Live Sales Calls
Do Business Credit Checks
Submit Rate Quotes
Search Live Load Boards
Search Trucks/Carriers To Haul
Submit Required Paperwork
Track Loads......And More

All done from live accounts....Not
classroom  practice sessions.

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Email Us At
[email protected]
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ATLX Dispatch Service is a
complete back office support  
service for your trucking
company with:

Carrier Packet Submissions
Load Board Searches
24/7 Truck/Fleet Dispatch
Rate Confirmations
Load Confirmations
Freight Invoicing
Route Planning
Fuel Advances
Truck/Load/Fleet Tracking
24/7 Roadside Assistance
Business Credit Checks
Freight Factoring Available
Truck Stop Parking
Free Company Email
Free Web Landing Pag

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What Is Logistics?
Sales Agent Training
Supply Chain Solutions
The United States, and the world, is shifting from a
manufacturing to an information-based economy and
technology is certainly impacting every business, but there will
never be a time when goods don't have to move. "Logistics
professionals in the United States, shippers, intermediaries, and
carriers have transformed the way we do business" says Robert
Voltman president of TIA..
Utilizing the best technology in the logistics industry today ATLX
gives its customer and their agents the most advanced tools
available for the storage and transfer of data, managing integrated
logistic systems such as DPP, MRPII, DRP and supply chain
solutions with RFID-Enabled systems for JIT logistics.
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